Easy2Swim have built a specially designed private pool to provide the highest quality conditions for learning to swim. The pool is 12m long and 5m wide with a shallow end where the majority of lessons will be held and a deep end for teaching diving. The pool has a retractable cover which is kept in place throughout the lessons. There is a set of square steps at the shallow end where small children can sit safely in the water during explanations. The pool has a commercial filtration system to handle the volume of swimmers and ensure that the water quality is kept to the highest standard. A further innovation is the use of the e-clear water purification system which uses electronic oxidization and ultraviolet ionization. This means that there is no need for the use of chlorine within the pool and the swimmers are always in perfectly clear & clean water. Finally an environment control system has been fitted to ensure that the water temperature, air temperature and humidity are maintained at the ideal levels to provide a comfortable environment all year round.

Please note that vehicles are left in this car park at any time at the owner’s sole risk in all respects and neither Easy2Swim Ltd nor any of its servants accept liability for any accident, loss or damage to persons, vehicles, accessories or contents however caused

The remaining photos show the progress of the construction work. Click on the image for a full size version


Water Tanks Ready For Liner It's Full Of Water Again Dad! Paving Stones Go Down

Changing Room Built