Class Types

There are three distinct types of classes available to suit different students.

- Child Classes
- Adult Classes
- Parent & Baby Classes

Child Classes

Formal lessons start from age 2 upwards. The pre-school pupils start to learn basic technique skills to aid correct movement in the water on their front and back.Vital life saving skills such as floating are also taught to encourage water safety as young as possible. All levels of pupils are catered for with class sizes kept purposely small (maximum of 4) and the teacher always being in the water to provide immediate corrections and assistance. While water skills such as floating and treading water are constantly reinforced stroke technique drills build body strength and stamina and assist in developing strong, safe and effective swimmers.
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Adult Classes

Many of our adults started lessons with great trepidation and now enjoy swimming confidently after years of never being able to swim at all. We also have many adults wanting to improve their fitness, stamina and technique for triathlons etc. Whatever your level it is never too late to start learning or improving this vital life skill as you can keep swimming no matter how old you are as the water supports your body so there is little strain on your joints.
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Parent & Baby Classes

These classes provide the perfect opportunity to introduce your baby to the delights of swimming. Lessons will include water safety, games, various holds to facilitate movement development as well as swimming skills as they get older to enable them to progress into formal lessons from age 2. The benefits of swimming for babies are numerous; it improves their muscular development, co-ordination and helps with overall neurological developments. Early swimming also helps to round out and develop a baby’s personality .
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If you have any questions about any of these classes please contact Yvette by email at